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快3:The WA320 Standard Test System

Time:2013-01-26 14:16:36

快3 www.dsgnz.com General test control unit, the applicable scope: Flash\TPMS\PDI\Sensor test signal station test signal type less, less, suitable for 15U\35U and custom cabinets.

因目前通用Interface BOX方案維護不方便,成本較高; 2. 34980、WA380成本高。如遇Flash、等測試信號較少,信號類型少的測試臺,選用以上方案性價比明下降。

Due to the current general Interface BOX program maintenance is not convenient, the cost is higher; 2.34980, the high cost of WA380. In case of Flash, the test signal is less, bench test signal type less, choose above program ming decline in price.

適用范圍: Flash、TPMS、PDI 、Sensor等測試信號較少,信號類型少的測試臺;適用于15U、35U和定制機柜。

Scope of application: Flash, TPMS, PDI, Sensor and other testing signal is less, and Taiwan test signal type less; it is suitable for 15U, 35U and custom cabinets.